Diamond Foils
Diamond Foils
Diamond Foils
Diamond Foils

Diamond powders are fully sprayed on the surface of copper foil, this features in longer tool life. The diamond foils can be cut to any shape & size easily, and stick on to your own tools, thus allowing for a whole range of tailored tools.
Aggressive cutting action and wide range of grit sizes produce fast cutting or polishing on hard steels of any hardness、 tungsten carbides、stones、glass and hard ceramics...etc.
Other application of diamond foils is to stick on parts of machine to increase the wear resistant and avoid the sliding.

Dimensions Grit size & Order no.
#120 #150 #200 #300 #400 #600 #800 #1200 #1800
10 x 100mm XF-1012 XF-1015 XF-1020 XF-1030 XF-1040 XF-1060 XF-1080 XF-1120 XF-1180
50 x 100mm XF-2012 XF-2015 XF-2020 XF-2030 XF-2040 XF-2060 XF-2080 XF-2120 XF-2180
100 x 100mm XF-3012 XF-3015 XF-3020 XF-3030 XF-3040 XF-3060 XF-3080 XF-3120 XF-3180
200 x 200mm XF-4012 XF-4015 XF-4020 XF-4030 XF-4040 XF-4060 XF-4080 XF-4120 XF-4180

Remark :

  • All standard foils come with PSA backing, when using, please remove the backing paper.
  • The foils without PSA backing are also available on demand. For special applications, the users may use his own method to stick the foil on to the tools or parts.